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Nothing is left to chance when Baume & Mercier creates its timepieces. From preliminary designs to the final adjustments on the finished piece, each step in the horology process is performed in-house and under careful supervision. That dedication to precision and workmanship has been a staple of Baume & Mercier for more than 180 years. And it all began in a little village called Les Bois, located in the sloping mountain range of Swiss Jura.
Baume & Mercier's watches are undeniably Swiss. Their craftsmanship is all about precision, beginning in the 1830s with the Baume brothers, whose watchmaking prowess won them numerous awards. Today, Baume & Mercier is still lauded for its innovative designs, from the Hampton and its recognizable rectangular face to the Promesse and its Art Deco themes. Thermal shock testing further ensures each chronograph, from the refined to the modern , is flawless.
Baume & Mercier traces its history back to 1830 with the Baume family, which emphasized precise watchmaking technology. That hard work and dedication to quality was quickly rewarded. "Baume Brothers" started a branch in London and won multiple awards, becoming globally recognized as a leader in the watchmaking world. By the 1920s, company director William Baume welcomed Mercier into the fold and, as a result, Baume & Mercier was born, marrying together reliable technology with artistry. That rich heritage and innovation still underpins the company and is reflected in its Classima watch collection: clean and refined.
Designed and developed in Geneva and brought to life in Les Brenets, Baume & Mercier's creations display Swiss craftsmanship at its best. First, each chronograph is thoroughly tested to confirm optimum power delivery and accurate movements. Next, thermal shock testing is used to assess a watch's robustness. Finally, overall aesthetic checks of the case, dial and strap ensure that only flawless timepieces leave the Baume & Mercier premises.
selection of Baume & Mercier watches includes both automatic and mechanical options in both sports and dress styles. The Clifton design has a contemporary bent, characterized by bold numerals and a chunky bezel, while Hampton watches are instantly recognizable due to their unconventional rectangular face. There is an Art Deco feel to the Promesse timepiece, with its feminine color palette and minimalist dial. Subtle details can often include brilliant-cut diamonds and mother of pearl backgrounds with a steel bracelet or calfskin strap.
Each watch from Baume & Mercier is an investment piece. These chronographs are built to last, thoroughly tested, and eye-catching in design. Baume & Mercier is not only renowned for its skill and expertise, but also its ethical practices that further set it apart from its rivals. From responsibly sourcing precious materials to investing in sustainable practices, the watchmaker sees the potential within each passing moment and shifting hand on a clock face.