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The story of Roger Dubuis is marked by incredible success. The company was founded in 1995. Striking a fine balance between meticulous watchmaking expertise and avant-garde design, its watches immediately made their mark and turned the company into a renowned specialist in architectural skeletonized movements.
Roger Dubuis is a Swiss watch manufacturer of luxury men and women watches based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded by Roger Dubuis and Carlos Dias in 1995. In 2008 the company was acquired by Richemont group.
Roger Dubuis today is a Maison that dares to be rare in the expression of its serial innovator mindset and in its limited editions offer. An active reference in the world of Disruptive Materials and High Complications, the Maison has 33 exclusive in-house mechanical calibres developed since the company creation. One of the pioneers of the contemporary skeleton, Roger Dubuis is a strong player in the field of Hyper Horology.