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Collectors and enthusiasts revel in Panerai's history and hallmark characteristics like the iconic cushion-shaped cases, luminous hands and indices for enhanced readability, and exquisite in-house calibers. Plus, many of their models are offered in various complications like second time zone, chronographs, tourbillon, and minute repeaters. Learn more about some of their most profound collections and discover stand out models that feature water resistant elements and impressive power reserves.
When one thinks of Panerai, the Radiomir is often the first model that comes to mind. This robust diving watch with a bold crown and distinct shape is both simple and complex with a subdued dial design and precise functionality. Radiomir was a product of a request from the Italian Royal Navy who needed a watch that was both water resistant and legible under water. In 1916, Panerai filed a patent for the radium-based luminous powder Radiomir, and used it to enhance readability of sighting instruments and underwater tools. Later, the powder's name lent itself to this collection's name. Today, enthusiasts can marvel at various iterations including the suite of Radiomir 1940 pieces-home to the Minute Repeater Carillon Tourbillon GMT.
Aiming to modernize the traditional marine watch, the Luminor is an evolution of the Radiomir. Although both have a cushion-shaped case and simple dial, the most distinctive difference is in the crown-protecting bridge. The Luminor model's recognizable crown guard protects it against impacts and jolts, keeping the crown firmly pressed into the case and enhancing its water resistance. Stainless steel versions are the most prevalent in this collection, but collectors can also find rose gold, titanium, and ceramic versions. Additionally, Luminors come in various complications like tourbillons and second time zones. Browse our curated collection of Luminor models, or discover the updated Luminor 1950 suite.
Luminor Due
For a more elegant take on the Luminor model, fans of a classic dress watch may opt for a Luminor Due. Its case is a bit flatter and size offerings are perfect for those with a smaller wrist. Like other Panerai watches, these also feature the cushion-shaped case and are available in stainless steel, gold, and rose gold versions.
Officially released in 2011, the Submersible revitalized the brand's diving watch category and became a collection of its own. This modernized version of the Luminor is sturdy, durable, and designed to be immersed in water. It features a crown-protecting bridge, unidirectional diving bezel, and water resistance up to 300m, making it a highly sought after piece for seafarers and explorers. Some stand out models from this collection include the Submersible Bronzo, CarboTech, and BMG-Tech.
What Makes Panerai Watch So Appealing?
This brand is highly desirable because it exudes exclusivity. This company only created timepieces for combat forces for many years, and only recently began making a shift to the civilian market. Today, Panerai watches are in high demand, with vintage options being extremely desirable since they were never actually sold to civilians as new pieces. Also, collectors who value simplistic designs and robust functionality love this brand's model offerings and style options. Get the Insider's Guide to Panerai Straps to learn more about how the aesthetic fits into the everyday.
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Purchasing a pre-owned Panerai watch from WatchBox offers several advantages. First, collectors may avoid the depreciation of buying new. Plus, we offer a wide array of models and styles including limited editions and pieces that are no longer in production. As the leading platform in buying , selling, and trading watches, we also guarantee the authenticity and quality of each piece, making sure every watch is thoroughly evaluated by our team of in-house experts.