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Zenith took its name from the point at which a celestial body reaches its utmost height. This word represents the grand horological heights that Zenith's founder, Georges Favre-Jacot, wished to reach. His tale begins in Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, in the late 1800s.
Precision defines each luxury Zenith watch, from its to its . The collection features dials with multiple counters, which ensure ultimate accuracy. The collection is also popular, recalling Zenith's involvement in the aviation industry with earthy hues and a clear display.
Georges Favre-Jacot learned the watchmaking trade when he was young and began training apprentices before he had even come of age himself. He had a strong focus on accuracy and wished to create the most precise chronograph ever made.
Favre-Jacot gathered horological artisans from across the Swiss region in 1865 and placed them under one roof. These brilliant minds came together in the workshop to create new technology and stabilize watch reliability. This led to the invention of new machines and techniques entirely dedicated to larger-scale production. The result was truly precise, identical timepieces. In 1900, Georges Favre-Jacot received a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition, honoring the success of his work.
Zenith watches include the Chronomaster line, defined by a dial that holds several counters. These dedicated counters display precise hour, minute, and second dials that let the wearer accurately track each passing moment. Another timepiece that defines Zenith's approach to watchmaking is the El Primero watch, released to mark the brand's 50th anniversary. The timepiece features the El Primero A384 movement, one of the first automatic movements, and has a charming retro appearance. Further nostalgia comes from the selection. This design features a leather strap and a distinct look that takes cues from the aviation industry, with bold numerals and an earthy color palette. Each piece is a collector's item defined by classic shapes and eye-catching flourishes.
There is a rich history behind each luxury watch produced by Zenith. It has registered 300 pocket watch and instrument patents. About ten of these patents relate to the proprietary regulator in Zenith timepieces, which uses a balance spring to keep accurate time. Zenith has also won 2,333 prizes in chronometry, demonstrating its dedication to precision.
Not only are Zenith watches technically advanced, but they are also easy on the eye. Square, round, and cushion case shapes hold intricate dials, with styles that feature calendars or track the moon phase. Zenith also brings beauty to modern timekeeping methods with rose gold tones, diamond embellishments, and mother of pearl accents. The result is outstanding watches with lasting appeal.