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Swiss Luxury Fake Bulgari Watches, Best Replica

For fashion aficionados and enthusiasts, Bulgari requires no introduction. The brand is one of the jacks of all trade' in the industry, offering not just high-end accessories and fragrances, but also hospitality services. From airports, casinos, shopping malls, and resorts, you'll find the Bulgari logo anywhere and everywhere. A Bulgari watch is also one of the best luxury timepieces around, a combination of Swiss watchmaking techniques and Italian styles.
Bulgari watches are also famous for their diversity of styles, unlike most luxury brand watches that come in a round case. A Bulgari men's watch, in particular, has different case shapes: from the octagonal-shaped case of the Bulgari Octo to the snake-like elegance of the Bulgari Serpenti collection.
From the most expensive Bulgari gold watches to the most complicated mechanicals, Bulgari watches are a result of years of fine craftsmanship and dedication. Its watch collections are proof that Bulgari watches are constantly evolving and at the same time staying true to their roots.
Prices for the Bulgari Serpenti: The Most Iconic Women's Watch The Bulgari Serpenti is perhaps one of the most famous Bulgari watch collections. Hailed by Forbes as the "the most iconic women's watch", the collection took its name and concept from the serpent. In mythology, coiled snakes represent immortality as they appear to reincarnate when they shed from their skin, and Bulgari took this piece of inspiration for the Serpenti watches and jewelry.
Bulgari released their first Serpenti models in the 1940s and it gained a steady amount of admirers. However, it was until 1962 when Elizabeth Taylor wore her iconic Serpenti watch that the collection rose to prominence. Since then, it became one of the brand's best-sellers and has gained a cult status over the years.
Serpenti timepieces come in gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and stainless steel, although newer models also come in ceramic. The case represents the serpent's head, usually designed with precious stones while the band wraps around the arm. A newer model, the Serpenti Seduttori, lacks the wraparound band, but its bracelet resembles a serpent's scales. Depending on the type, it can come off as simple or extravagant, but nonetheless eye-catching. Bulgari watch price for the Serpenti collection starts at $5,700 USD, and it can go higher depending on the style and embellishments.
Prices for the Bulgari Bulgari Watches: The Logo Says it All
In 1975, Bulgari released what would eventually become its Bulgari Bulgari collection. It was initially a gift for its top 100 customers but it gained much traction that the watchmakers decided to produce it commercially. The first model for the Bulgari Bulgari collection was a golden digital watch inscribed with "BVLGARI ROMA'' on its bezel. Additionally, the design was said to have been inspired by ancient Roman coins. Needless to say, it became one of the company's best-selling watches.
Its simplicity and practicality make it one of the top watch collections to date. Its round bezel engraved with the double logo is a more traditional look as compared to the Octo watches which had an eight-sided bezel. One of the popular models, the Bulgari Bulgari Solotempo, is a 41mm stainless steel watch that comes with a black leather and rubber strap. Other models come in different sizes, colors, functions, and with different metals.
The Bulgari Bulgari collection isn't only limited to men's watches. In the late 1970s, Bulgari introduced its ladies' counterpart, the Bulgari Bulgari Lady. It comes with a smaller bezel, still engraved with the double logo and comes with a stainless steel, leather, or rubber bracelet. One model, the Bulgari Bulgari Tubogas, comes with stainless steel and a rose gold double spiral bracelet. If you're wondering "How much is a Bulgari watch from this collection, the Bulgari Bulgari Tubogas costs about $15,100 USD.
Prices for the Bulgari Octo: Elegant Dress Watches for Him
The Bulgari Octo may be one of the brand's newer collections, launched in 2012, but it is definitely one of the most popular ones. It gained a steady following due to its simplistic appearance and its trademark octagonal shape, said to have been inspired by the Maxentius Basilica at the Roman Forum. Since its launching, the collection branched into different sub-collections: the Octo Roma, Octo Finissimo, and the Octo L'Originale.
The Octo L'Originale, the maiden model, features an octagonal shape and round bezel, along with automatic movements. On the other hand, the Octo Roma has a more contemporary look with a structured case. The cases come in stainless steel, rose gold, or a combination of both. Lastly, the Octo Finissimo boasts as one of the best ultra-thin watches in the industry. The Finissimo watch took the horology industry by storm by continuously breaking records through its newer models featuring complications such as the tourbillon and Bulgari chronograph.
So, how much is a Bulgari watch under the Octo collection? Prices for Octo watches start at $7,300 USD, while the more expensive models such as the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Skeleton watch costs around $186,700 USD.
Prices for the Bulgari Lvcea: The Perfect First Luxury Watch for Her
While the Serpenti collection is ornate in appearance, the Bulgari Lvcea is an uncomplicated yet regal collection. The Lvcea collection is targeted towards women of different walks of life: from the avid watch enthusiast to the young professional looking for her first luxury watch. Combining beauty with functionality, it is one of the best women's luxury watches in the industry.
Featuring an elegant yet unobtrusive design, the Bulgari Lvcea watch is perfect for daily use. The round dial gives it an approachable yet elegant look, ideal for a trip to the coffee shop or a business meeting. Its studded crown is a trademark feature, usually emerald, rubelite, and diamond. Some models also include a date window, discreet and unassuming yet provide additional functionality to the watch. One can also notice the influence of the iconic Serpenti collection on the Piccola Lvcea Watch, with its rose gold bracelet that looks more like jewelry instead of a timepiece.