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Tissot was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1853 by father-and-son watchmaking duo Charles-Felicien and Charles-emile Tissot. From the very beginning, the brand was focused on innovation, producing the first-ever mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with two time zones. By 1930, the small assembly shop had expanded into a collection of stores, reaching new markets, including the United States and Russia. The company soon became well-known for producing chronograph and automatic styles of extreme accuracy. In 1951, it released the Tissot Navigator, the world's first model to display 24 time zones. Tissot continues to push the boundaries of design: in the '70s it created the first watches made from plastic and in the '80s it championed designs crafted from stone, mother of pearl, and wood.
Over the years, the Tissot brand has become a standard in the sports world. Its timepieces have been chosen as the official timekeepers for many highly regarded events and organizations, including the Tour de France, MotoGP, and the NBA. Tissot continues to work with sports associations around the world to deliver the most accurate timing solution for each particular event. For example, when working on cycling competitions, it uses bike sensors that are linked to computers to track exact timing and performance data.
offering of men's and women's Tissot watches includes silver-tone luxury watches alongside rugged carbon fiber models. From mountain climbers and basketball players to business professionals, Tissot timepieces are worn by people who appreciate efficiency. Elaborating on a classic automatic design, the brand's flagship Powermatic 80 movement features 80 hours of extended battery life, making it an ideal outdoor companion. The PRC 200 series, with luminescent hand markers, combines function and style. Meanwhile sportier designs, such as the , are exemplary diving pieces with a durable rubber strap and water-resistance up to 1,000 feet. From time-honored collections such as Le Locle to the elegant Couturier series, Tissot boasts a wide variety of styles that offer superior accuracy and durability, whether you're an athlete competing in an event or a fan cheering from the sidelines.
By staying ahead of the curve, Tissot has built a reputation for producing dynamic timepieces that integrate the latest technology with superior design features. Whether utilizing synthetic materials to create the world's first plastic movement or inventing tactile displays for the brand's T-touch series, Tissot continues its pursuit of enduring quality, and its workers continue to be "innovators by tradition."