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When the Speedmaster chronograph made its debut in 1957, Omega positioned it as a watch for motorsports. The Speedmaster was the world's first chronograph to have the tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel rather than printed on the dial, making it easier to use with the chronograph's stopwatch function to measure average speed or distances during races. The very first Speedmaster was reference CK2915 with a 38mm steel case and manual-wound Caliber 321 movement. The first Speedy reference is easily recognizable due to its large triangular-tipped "broad arrow" center hands on the black dial. In 2018, a first-generation Speedmaster CK2915 sold for a record-breaking $275,508.
They replaced the CK2915 with the Speedmaster CK2998 in 1959, which included a black bezel insert with the tachymeter scale instead of the engraved steel bezel and Alpha-style hands rather than broad-arrow ones. Not only did this design set the blueprint of future Speedmaster chronographs, but the Speedmaster CK2998 became the first Speedmaster in space when astronaut Wally Schirra wore his during the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission in 1962.
This was just the beginning of the Speedmaster's involvement with space exploration. In 1965, NASA qualified the Speedmaster for use during manned space missions, and in 1969, the Speedmaster journeyed to the moon with the Apollo 11 crew. While Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster back on the Eagle Apollo Lunar Module as a backup since the onboard clock malfunctioned, Buzz Aldrin wore his Speedmaster Professional reference 105.012 when he took his first steps on the moon. Michael Collins, who was flying the command module around the moon whilst his crewmates were on the lunar surface, wore a Speedmaster Professional 145.012. Ever since Apollo 11, the Speedmaster became known as the "Moonwatch."
They continued to evolve the Speedmaster line over the following decades-not just the Moonwatch ones but also other Speedmaster chronographs with various sizes, designs, materials, and movements. The Speedmaster Racing carries on the original intention of the Speedy as a motorsports chronograph, the Speedmaster '57 are vintage-inspired pieces that take design cues from the first Speedy, and the Speedmaster 38 is mainly geared towards Omega's female clientele. However, the most popular Speedmaster models are still the ones that are most faithful to the early "Moonwatch" - characterized as Speedmaster Professional models with 42mm steel cases, black bezels, black dials, Hesalite crystals, and hand-wound mechanical movements.