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Founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980, Hublot has become a household name for Swiss watches in just a short time. Just a few years prior in 1976, Crocco decided to leave his job at Binda Group, an Italian watch company that was very powerful at the time. Immediately following his departure, he began plans for his watch company. Crocco knew that his creations needed to be high quality and have a unique style in order to be successful. He made the decision to move to Switzerland, like many other hopeful watch entrepreneurs. Here, he created his company, MDM Geneve, and began to think of ideas for his watch brand. His first concept centered on the name Hublot, which means porthole in French. This inspired the design for the porthole-shaped cases that have become a hallmark of the brand. Still, he wanted something more that would truly set him apart. So, he spent the next three years developing the first rubber straps for watches. On the day the new watches with the rubber straps launched, he didn't attract a single customer. His start was slow and uncertain. However, he ultimately ended up selling two million dollars' worth of these watches in his first year.
As the years went by, Crocco realized he was not as much of a businessman as he was a watch designer. He was also heavily involved with a children's charity called the Hand-in-Hand foundation. Crocco became very busy with these two endeavors. He eventually realized that he couldn't do all of the work on his own. So, he decided to hire a man to replace him as the CEO. Back in 2003, Crocco had befriended Jean-Claude Biver, who was currently the CEO of the Swatch group's Omega branch. In mid-2004, Crocco offered Biver the CEO position at Hublot, and he took it. Biver took over all business roles that Crocco had as CEO and served as a shareholder and board member.
Biver was an aggressive man, and aggressive was what Hublot needed. He could see the power and promise in Crocco's unique vision. It just needed to be executed in the right way. He believed that by returning to those roots, he could take the brand to the next level. That's just what he did. In 2005, Hublot debuted the Big Bang, and a completely new world opened up for the brand. The chronograph was a huge success, and in that year, orders increased exponentially. Just a few months later, the timepiece received numerous awards, such as the 2005 Design Prize, The Sports Watch Prize, and the Watch of the Year in Japan. In just a short time after Biver had arrived, he'd achieved great success for the brand, raking in 24 million Swiss Francs. After two years, this revenue had more than quadrupled. Then, Hublot's momentum began to permeate throughout the US. In 2007, the company opened its first Hublot exclusive store. Soon, the brand opened additional outposts in Las Vegas, Bal Harbor, New York City, Boca Raton, Beverly Hills, and London. In 2011, Hublot opened another store in Palm Beach Florida, another testament to the ever-growing brand.
Hublot has continued to grow and expand with other meaningful partnerships. In 2014, they helped the Dallas Cowboys make history. That year, they became the first NFL team to secure a partnership with a luxury watch brand. Hublot is no stranger to partnerships in the world of sports. Over the years, they've worked standout athletes like Usain Bolt, Dustin Johnson, Floyd Mayweather, and Dwayne Wade. However, their work with the Dallas Cowboys is their first venture, as well as an industry first, in collaborating with an entire team. As the Cowboys' official luxury watch and timekeeper, they've produced a number of limited edition models, including variations of the Classic Fusion and Big Bang. Two years later in 2016, Hublot announced plans to expand their partnerships within the NFL. This time with the Cowboys rivals, the New York Giants. The partnership with the Giants only ended up lasting a year. However, the team's legendary quarterback Eli Manning continues to serve as an ambassador for the brand. In 2018, Hublot further broadened their work in the world of sports by partnering with the World Cup. In addition to serving as the official timekeeper of each match, Hublot created a limited edition timepiece to commemorate the special event.
Today, Hublot is under LMVH, a luxury goods group. The group purchased the company from Carl Crocco for an undisclosed amount of money. The company prides itself on its quality and also its precision. As one of the younger watch companies around, Hublot has potential to be one of the next billion-dollar watch companies.